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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

"VishHaya" - my first book

Hi all,

This is my very first post in this blog. I would love to use this site to showcase my books (I currently have one published, but hope to have a few more soon).  Still getting used to publishing a blog here so bear with me guys. 

My first book, titled "VishHaya," is about a girl called Amila Casey.  Amila is just like most other twelve year old girls; in a hurry to get older, or at the very least, a little taller.  She often wondered why her mother had given her a name like hers.  It was quite different from other names and everybody pronounced it differently.  Her mother had an easy to pronounce name so why didn't she?

Amila is somewhat lost having just moved halfway across the world to Cambridge, England with her mother and her twin brother, Aaron.  She does not care much for the new arrangement as she is left in a stuffy old house with an even stuffier aunty while her mother is kept very busy with her new job.  She misses her life in Australia and cannot comprehend the seemingly strange customs and quirks of the English.  The little girl spends most of the cold, dreary days wandering the streets of Cambridge in search of her two loves: chocolate and the odd dog to fawn over.

Then one day, a week before Christmas, she spots a gorgeous and seemingly stray dog in the town center and the humdrum world that she knew changes forever.  The dog leads her through a gateway into the wondrous Kingdom of VishHaya where fantastic fortresses and phantom palaces reside, magical creatures prowl the night sky and an evil prince is bent on ultimate domination.  Amila discovers that she has also changed and is forced to confront an indescribable secret that is the key to both her future and her past.

Hopefully I can use this site to discuss some of the topics in my first book and see if any of the readers (hopefully there'll be at least one or two) can provide any suggestions for future books in this and other series. 

I look forward to this.  I hope some of you do as well.

Best wishes
Mel Sabre

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